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RSA ID Plus Certified Administrator

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Certificate Description

The RSA ID Plus Certified Administrator certification validates the knowledge and administration skills required to manage the RSA Cloud Authentication Service and utilize its features and functionality.

No. of questions

70 questions


90 Minutes





Target Audience

  • All questions in this Certified Administrator level exam are intended for IT Administrators who use RSA ID plus and are required to have Hands-On Proficiency for administration, and to demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the solution.


Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Exams absolutely reference our course material, so it is recommended to review the RSA ID Plus Administrator course to be able to confidently take this exam:  

    For full and detailed descriptions of RSA ID Plus course offerings, visit This Link


Examination Domains

The Certified Administrator RSA ID Plus exam is comprised of 4 major Domains (subject areas). Each Domain is represented by a series of questions designed to evaluate competence and knowledge of the elements relating to that domain. The following table describes the proportion of the examination that relates to each domain. 

Domain  Percentage of Examination
System architecture and communications 30%
Product features and functionality 24%
Operations and configurations 31%
System maintenance 15%
Total 100%


Topic Areas


  • System architecture and communications (30%) 
    • Cloud and Hybrid architecture and Components 
    • Identity sources synchronization
    • AM to CAS connection
    • Migration OTPs from AM to CAS
    • Radius communication
  • Product features and functionality (24%) 
    • System Level Functionality 
    • Authenticator Types and authentication methods 
    • OTP generation 
    • Access policies 
    • Assurance levels 
    • My page features (SSO and Self Service)
    • Application types
    • Administrator Roles
    • Licensing
  • Operations and configurations (31%) 
    • Identity Source Management  
    • User Management
    • Administrators’ management 
    • Authenticators registration 
    • SW authenticators management
    • HW authenticators management 
    • Access policy configurations 
    • Conditional authentication configuration 
    • My page configurations (SSO and Self Service) and customization 
    • Application configurations 
    • Radius configuration 
  • System maintenance (15%) 
    • Bulk maintenance
    • User event Reporting 
    • Agent Inventory Reporting 
    • HW OTP Reporting 
    • Cloud Authentication Service Logging Audit Logging




Examination Details

Exam Questions, Exam Complexity and Scoring 

  • The RSA ID Plus Certified Administrator exam consists of 70 questions to be completed in 90 minutes.  
  • Questions in this exam are considered mid-level. That means the questions require administrative knowledge about the solution and technical hands-on product training is highly recommended
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice or multiple-response type questions.  
  • The exam is a non-proctored.
  • There is a FREE practice test that can be taken before the actual exam.
  • The minimum passing score is 70%, Learner will have 2 tries to pass the exam.
  • Test results are calculated automatically at the conclusion of the test through the Saba platform, and are sent by email. 
  • Earned Certificate will be valid for 2 years.
  • Credly badge will be issued within 2 weeks of passing the exam.
  • Earners will receive an email notification from Credly prompting them to accept their badge.


Exam Registration
for RSA Employees

Exam Registration
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FREE Practice Test
for RSA Employees

FREE Practice Test
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