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Course Description

This course explains the functions and features involved in maintaining and controlling the on-premises system components for RSA.

With the help of practical exercises carried out in a virtual lab environment, the learner will be better able to use RSA Authentication Manager and its authenticators and understand how to administer them while performing different tasks and operations.


Delivery Type

  • Instructor-led (Virtual/Live)
  • Self-Paced with Labs


  • Instructor-led - 3 Days
  • Self-Paced - 24 H



Prerequisite Knowledge

It is required to Meet at least one of the below prerequisites:

  • Finish the foundational course “RSA IAM Solutions Fundamentals
  • Have basic knowledge of SecurID architecture, components, and functionality. 


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the student should be able to: 

  • Describe the basic architecture and theory of operation of the SecurID and its components 
  • Perform administrative tasks through different security consoles, menus and functions 
  • Perform configurations required for general system operations and maintenance 
  • Perform user administration functions to populate and manage users 
  • Understand the setup and use of various authentication methods 
  • Understand how users can leverage self-service functionality 
  • Perform reporting and user troubleshooting


Course Outline

Module # 

Module name 

Learning Objectives / What Student will be able to Do Upon Completing this Module 

Module 1 

Product Architecture and Overview

  • Define what SecurID is designed to do
  • Describe SecurID architecture, its components, features and functionality.

Module 2 

User Management

  • Know how to connect an Identity Source to the AM and what information is contained in a user record (attributes). 
  • Illustrate LDAP/AD mapping and synchronization process. 
  • Interpret and demonstrate user administration functions to populate and manage users and user groups. 
  • Introduce Bulk Maintenance for AM.

Module 3 

Authentication Agents

  • Define Authentication Agent purpose and agent types available. 
  • Know the Agent/Server communication protocols UDP and REST API. 
  • Perform AM Agent Registration.

Module 4 

Authentication Methods

  • Interpret RSA authentication process using RSA’s on-premises components.  
  • Identify SecurID authenticators, types, features and usage. 
  • Define Time Synchronous Authentication and its available options. 
  • Define On-Demand Authentication, its process and options.

Module 5 

Authentication Management

  • Manage hardware and software token records. 
  • Manage Risk-based and On-demand authentication for users. 
  • Identify token ‘seed’ record attributes. 
  • Provision software tokens.

Module 6

Authentication Manager Access Polices

  • Know about Creating a number of authentication policies and assign those policies to Security Domains.

Module 7

Authentication Manager Administrative Structure

  • Know the structure of the administrative consoles, hierarchy, Identity Sources, Security Domains, and user groups

Module 8

RSA self-service

  • Understand what functions are available through the AM self-service console.

Module 9

Radius Authentication

  • Know how to set up the RADIUS client in AM. 
  • Understand configurations for radius server and radius profiles.

Module 10

MMC Snap-In Tool installation

  • Installing Authentication Manager MMC Snap-In by Assigning, enable, editing, replacing and Manage authenticators.

Module 11

Logs and reports

  • Describe AM logging and reporting capabilities.


Access Training
for RSA Employees

Access Training
for Customers



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