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What is RSA Education?

RSA Education is your main source of learning for product enablement, certifications, and industry training that secures your world.

We offer technical training solutions in a variety of learning modalities and knowledge levels to meet every need of our customers, partners, and internals. and help them acquire all the needed training, information, and skills to strengthen their position.


Available Training:

We offer a variety of training for the SecurID Products (Access - Governance & Lifecycle) in different modalities:



 You can check all the available training and their corresponding information like modalities, pricing, etc, through these links:

ID Plus / SecurID Training

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle


How do I get started?

you can start by signing up for our Learning Management System where you'll be able to access all available training.

you can check the getting started guide for all information and guidance related to our learning management system SABA.


Getting Started guide for
RSA Employees

Getting Started guide for
RSA Customers/Partners


Student Resources

Here, You can find all sorts of resources, information, and guidance for your assistance throughout our Training Processes. 



Our certification program is currently undergoing a transition phase and will be available soon

Please follow our Certification Page for updates


Need to reach our Education Services Team for assistance?

For General Comments/Inquiries you can reach us through E-mail via This Link

For Training Requests and Support, Please Submit a case Here