Cloud Administration Delete User Now API

This API deletes a single disabled user from the Cloud Authentication Service and immediately removes all information and devices associated with the user. For more information on how this operation is performed from the Cloud Administration Console, see Delete a Single User Immediately from the Cloud Authentication Service.

Note: This operation cannot be undone. You can re-add the user by resynchronizing.


Clients calling this API must authenticate themselves by including a JSON Web Token in a request. For instructions on using this token, see Authentication for the Cloud Administration REST APIs.

Administrative Roles

This API can use an API key that is associated with the Super Administrator role. For more information, see Manage the Cloud Administration REST API Keys.

Software Developer Kit

You can download the API Software Developer Kit (SDK) from Cloud Administration REST API Download.

Request Requirements

Use the following method, request URL, response body type, and response codes to delete a disabled user.

Method Request URL Response Body Type Response Codes
DELETE AdminInterface/restapi/v1/users/<userID> application/json 200, 403, 404, 409, 500

Request Parameters

This API requires the following request parameter.

Request Parameter Description
<userID> User identifier.

Request Example

The following example displays a request to delete a user immediately.

DELETE https://localhost/AdminInterface/restapi/v1/users/eb2e12ae-1112-451b-98e1-dfe4e6afd60d

Content-Type: application/json

Authorization: Bearer <JWT token>

Response Codes

Response Code Description
200 Successfully deleted the disabled user.
403 Not authorized to perform the request.
404 User is not found.

The operation is not performed for one of the following reasons:

  • User is in enabled state.
  • User is in pending deletion state.
500 Internal error occurred when processing the request.