Cloud Administration Enable Emergency Tokencode API

This API enables an Emergency Tokencode for a single user. For more information about Emergency Tokencode, see Supported Authentication Methods - Emergency Tokencode.


Clients calling this API must authenticate themselves by including a JSON Web Token in a request. For instructions on using this token, see Authentication for the Cloud Administration REST APIs.

Administrative Roles

This API can use an API key that is associated with either the Super Administrator or Help Desk Administrator role. For more information, see Manage the Cloud Administration REST API Keys.

Software Developer Kit

You can download the API Software Developer Kit (SDK) from Cloud Administration REST API Download.

Request Requirements

Use the following information to enable emergency tokencode for a user. The <userId> is a unique user identifier that is returned in the response to the Cloud Administration User Details API.

Method Request URL Response Content Type Response Codes
PUT /AdminInterface/restapi/v1/users/<userId>/emergencyTokencode application/json 200, 400, 404

Request Parameters

This API requires the following parameter.

Parameter Description
expirationDays Number of days until the Emergency Tokencode expires. Valid values are 1 to 7.

Example Request Body

The following example displays a request.


"expirationDays": "7"


Example Response Body

The following example displays a response body.


"emergencyTokencodeId": "f10d0514-7dd1-4a13-a30e-236d0e65b56a",

"emergencyTokencode": "<emergency tokencode>",

"expirationDate" : "2018-09-06T15:34:44.000Z"

"offlineExpirationDate" : "2018-30-06T12:00:00.000Z"


Response Property Descriptions

The following table describes the response properties and data types.

Property Description Data Type
emergencyTokencodeId Identifies the Emergency Tokencode. String
emergencyTokencode Emergency Tokencode String
expirationDate Expiration date for the Emergency Tokencode. String
offlineExpirationDate Expiration date for Emerency Tokencode when used offline. String

Response Codes

This API returns the following response codes.

Code Description

Emergency Tokencode successfully enabled.

400 Invalid expiration date.
400 User is disabled.
404 User not found.
429 Too many requests.