Cloud Administration Retrieve High-Risk User List API Version 2

Use the Cloud Administration Retrieve High-Risk User List API to retrieve users who have been marked as high risk. Accounts for these users may have been compromised. A security information and event management (SIEM) solution, such as NetWitness, may mark users with suspicious activity as high risk.

For Version 1 of this API, see Cloud Administration Retrieve High-Risk User List API.

Note: This API is available only for Cloud Premier.


Clients calling this API must authenticate themselves by including a JSON Web Token in a request. For instructions on using this token, see Authentication for the Cloud Administration REST APIs.

Administrative Roles

This API must use an API key that is associated with the Super Administrator role. For more information, see Manage the Cloud Administration REST API Keys.

Software Developer Kit

You can download the API Software Developer Kit (SDK) from Cloud Administration REST API Download.

Request Requirements

Use the following information to retrieve a list of users who are marked as high risk.

Method Request URL Response Content Type Response Body Response Codes
GET /AdminInterface/restapi/v2/users/highrisk

application/json List of users that contains a high-risk flag set to true. 200, 403, 500

Request Body Parameters

No query parameters are supported at this time.

Example Request Body

The following example displays a request.

GET /AdminInterface/restapi/v2/users/highrisk

No Body

Authorization: Bearer <JWT token>

Example Response Body

The following example displays a response body.


"users": [


"email": "",

"primaryUsername": "",




"email": "",

"primaryUsername": "user.two",




"email": "",

"primaryUsername": "user.three",





Response Property Descriptions

The following table shows response property descriptions and data types.

Property Description Data Type
email User's email address. String

User's primary username. This is sAMAccountName for Active Directory and uid for LDAPv3 directory servers.


User's alternate username. This attribute is returned only when the identity source is configured to synchronize this attribute.


Response Codes

The following table shows response codes for this API.

Code Description
200 Operation completed successfully.
403 Not authorized to perform the request.
429 Too many requests.

Internal error occurred.