Customize and Configure Domain Name

Customize and configure your authentication domain name.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin for the Cloud Authentication Service.

  • You must have the Cloud Plus or Cloud Premier license.

  • You must add the CNAME entry in the DNS server.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click My Account > Company Settings > Customization Settings. The default domain name is displayed.

  2. In the Custom Domain Name field, type the new name (custom name) for your domain. Domain name does not support space and the following special characters ^~@:;#$%^&*(),.<>. However, it supports => a-z A-Z 0-9 _-. The domain name must end with the domain of the certificate that is signed for since wildcard certificates are allowed in Public Certificate. For example, if the wildcard certificate is *, then domain name must be in the following format - or

    Note: Custom Domain Name is case-insensitive.

  3. Click Choose File to browse and select Private Key and Public Certificate.

  4. Upload Certificate Chain. Uploading certificate chain is mandatory when the uploaded public certificate is not from a well-known authority. The certificate chain must include all the intermediate certificates till the root certificate.

    Note: Before applying the changes, if you modify the Domain Name, you need to upload the Private Key and the Certificates again.

  5. Confirm your domain ownership by performing the following steps.

    1. Click Generate TXT Record.

    2. Copy the generated TXT record, and then add it to the DNS server.

    3. Click Save Settings.

    4. Navigate back to My Account > Company Settings > Customization Settings.

    5. After all your DNS changes are synchronized across your domain servers, click Verify Domain. The domain is verified.

  6. Click Apply Changes. The Current Domain field indicates that the domain is live after the changes are applied successfully.

  7. Publish your changes.

    Note: If you want to reset the customized domain name back to the default name, click Reset Domain and then publish your changes. Make sure that you remove the CNAME entry manually from the DNS server after resetting the domain.