Enable RADIUS on Identity Routers in a Cluster


As part of the RADIUS setup process, you must enable RADIUS on the identity routers in each cluster that communicates with RADIUS client devices.

Note: Enabling RADIUS on a cluster does not affect identity routers that are embedded in Authentication Manager.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin for the Cloud Administration Console.
  • At least one identity router must be deployed.
  • Note: Enabling RADIUS for a cluster automatically opens RADIUS port UDP 1812 in the firewall settings for all identity routers in the cluster.


  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Platform > Clusters.
  2. Select Edit from the drop-down menu next to the cluster.
  3. Select the Enable the RADIUS service on all identity routers in the cluster checkbox.
  4. Click Save and Finish.
  5. Click Publish Changes to apply the configured settings.