Getting Started with Quick Setup for the Cloud Authentication Service

Quick setup is the fastest way to set up your Cloud Authentication Service production environment. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Set Up a POC Test Environment

  2. Set Up a Production Environment

To learn more about setting up an identity router in a production environment using quick setup:


Set Up a POC Test Environment

You can set up a proof-of-concept (POC) system to explore and use the Cloud Authentication Service in a sandbox-type environment before deploying it into a production environment.

  1. Request a POC test environment from SecurID Sales or your partner.

  2. Follow the instructions in POC Quick Setup Guide.

Set Up a Production Environment

  1. Place a sales order with SecurID. After your sales order is processed, SecurID provisions your deployment in the US-, EMEA- or ANZ-based Microsoft Azure cloud.

    SecurID sends an email to the contact email address for your company with instructions needed to start using the product, including the Cloud Administration Console URL and your initial Super Admin credentials. Note that the contact email address is the email address provided to SecurID Sales or the SecurID Partner that your company works with.

  2. Complete the planning process, including determining your deployment.

    1. Review the Planning Guide.

    2. Select the Quick Setup Guide best suited to your needs:

      Quick Setup Guide for RADIUS Clients

      Quick Setup Guide for SAML Applications and Third-Party SSO Solutions

      Quick Setup Guide for SSO

      Quick Setup - Connect SecurID Authentication Manager to the Cloud Authentication Service with an Embedded Identity Router

    Use the checklists in these guides and work with your network administrator to do the following:

    • Select a deployment model to use if you are deploying the identity router in the Amazon cloud. See Amazon Web Services Identity Router Deployment Models.

    • Determine the IP addresses and DNS entries required for the identity routers and load balancers in your deployment.

    • Configure your DNS service with the required entries.

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