Install the Identity Router Virtual Appliance for VMware


Use the identity router image provided by SecurID to install the identity router as a virtual appliance in your VMware environment. You can install the virtual appliance image using a VMware administration client such as vSphere, by either connecting to the VMware vCenter Server, or connecting directly to the VMware ESXi host.

Before you begin


  1. Sign into the VMware client.

  2. Follow the VMware client documentation to install the virtual appliance from the image.

    Note: You must Obtain the Identity Router Image. Do not clone the image from an existing identity router.

    When prompted, enter the following data:
    • Name to use for the virtual appliance

    • VMware host or cluster for the virtual appliance

    • Resource pool for the virtual appliance

    • Storage location or data store to use for the virtual appliance

    • Format for storing virtual disks

    • Networks to be used for the virtual appliance

  3. To deploy with a single network interface, delete the second network interface.

  4. Power on the virtual machine.