Manage Identity Providers

You use the Cloud Administration Console to manage identity providers (IdPs). An IdP is an entity that sends SAML authentication assertions to a service provider during authentication. IdPs use SAML single sign-on profiles to pass information about the user.

The Identity Providers page lists IdPs that have been configured for use. You must be a Super Admin to manage IdPs.

You can manage both Cloud and SSO Service identity providers.

Action Instructions
List available IdPs. Click Users > Identity Providers.
Add an IdP.

Click Add in the Cloud Identity Providers or SSO Service Identity Providers section.

If you are using SSO Agent-only functionality (for example, the application portal) as the service provider, add an SSO Service Identity Provider. If you are using Cloud Authentication Service functionality (for example, My Page) as the service provider, add a Cloud Identity Provider.

Note: The SSO Service Identity Providers section is available only if the Identity Router based portal is enabled.

Delete an IdP. Click Edit > Delete on the IdP list page.

When you delete a configured IdP from the Identity Providers list page, the IdP automatically becomes unavailable.

Note: The Authentication Sources list must contain at least one SSO Service IdP. If you need to delete the only IdP on the list, you must first add another Authentication Source, such as the default Portal, to take its place.

Download IWA Installer

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) is a feature of Microsoft Windows NT-based operating systems that allows automatically authenticated connections between the SSO Service, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Internet Explorer, and other Active Directory-aware applications. For details on downloading and deploying IWA, see Deploying Integrated Windows Authentication.