Manage My Applications

My Applications in the Cloud Administration Console is a list of applications in the application portal that are available for authenticated users to access using single sign-on (SSO) in an IDR SSO Agent deployment. These applications, such as ADP, Salesforce, and Dropbox, are either added from the Application Catalog or configured using an RSA-provided template such as SAML or HFED. You can also add simple bookmarks to My Applications. Bookmarks do not require SSO configuration. Use My Applications to view a list of your applications and to perform related tasks.

You must be a Super Admin for the Cloud Administration Console to manage My Applications.

Action Description
Display My Applications. Click Applications > My Applications.
Display applications by type. In the left column, select a Connection Method: All, Proxy, or Direct.
Modify the SSO configuration for an application. Next to the application you want to modify, click Edit.
Move Applications from Identity Router based portal to Cloud based portal.

If you are currently using IDR-based portal, you can move the applications from the current portal to cloud-based portal.

You must have upgraded to the version that supports cloud-based portal.

  1. In the Cloud Administration Console, click Applications > My Applications.

  2. Click Edit corresponding to the application that you want to migrate to cloud-based portal.

  3. In the Basic Information section, click the Cloud option.

  4. Click Next Step and make changes in the other tabs, if any.

  5. Click Save and Finish.

Add an application from the Application Catalog to My Applications. Click Add an Application. For instructions, see Add an Application to My Applications.
Delete an application from My Applications. Next to the application you want to delete, select Delete from the Edit drop-down list. For instructions, see Delete an Application From My Applications.
Export SAML metadata from an application to send to a service provider. Locate the SAML application from which you want to export metadata and select Export Metadata from the Edit drop-down list. For instructions, see Export SAML Metadata From an Application on the Identity Router.