SecurID and Yubico

SecurID and Yubico have partnered to offer SecurID customers modern FIDO authentication with the Yubikey for SecurID. With this joint solution, SecurID customers will benefit from enterprise-grade security, risk-based authentication, and simplified credential lifecycle management, while preventing account takeovers, reducing IT costs, and improving the user experience.

Yubikey for SecurID provides the following:

  • USB-A connector for use with laptops or desktops or other USB-A devices.

  • FIDO support , enabling secure passwordless authentication on sites and applications that support the protocol.

  • NFC capabilities, expanding the options for quick tap-n-go authentication across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

The following graphics show the front and back of the Yubikey for SecurID.

Front Back
securid_ngx_g_yubikey_front.png securid_ngx_g_yubikey_back.png

For technical specifications, see [insert link to technical manual].

To purchase Yubikey for SecurID, contact Sales. To start using Yubikey for SecurID with SecurID, see Getting Started with FIDO-Certified Security Keys with SecurID.