SecurID® Customer Success

Customer Success FAQs

1.   What if I didn't receive my cloud credentials for a newly created Cloud tenant?

  • Search your mailbox for an e-mail with subject Your SecurID Cloud Authentication Service is Ready
  • Click the cloud URL and choose reset password

      If you can’t find the email, please open a case with our support team to validate your information and/or email address.


2.   Where do I find my license and/or serial number?

  • From the Authentication Manager primary server, browse to security console > setup > license status > view installed licenses


3.   How can I find how many MFA tokens are registered and/or used by the end users from my license?

  • Browse to Cloud admin portal and check “MFA Licenses Used


  • Run “All Synchronized Users Report and filter by non-blank cells in column ‘Device name’ or ‘Device type’


4.   How can I migrate end users to the 4.0 app?

  • New users who do not currently have an authenticator app installed need to:
    • Install the new SecurID app 4.0 and register it using a QR Code from a self-service portal such as SecurID My Page.
    • Import a token, if they will use SecurID token.
  • For existing users who already have the old app:
    • After users download the SecurID 4.0 app, existing AM/SecurID tokens on the phone are automatically ready to use.
    • For Authenticate app users/MFA tokens, users need to delete the device from my page, and re-register the new SecurID 4.0 app


5.   Where can I find product updates and/or advisories?


6.   Where can I monitor the cloud status and/or availability?

  • Also, make sure to subscribe to receive all updates via email


7.   How can I open a support case?


8.   How can I download Authentication Manager license or E-tokens?


9.   Do I need to import a new license for the Cloud environment or MFA tokens?

  • Unlike Authentication Manager, once the Cloud/MFA license is purchased, it’s automatically applied to your cloud tenant and there is no need to import any files in the Cloud Admin Portal.


10. How can I open a new enhancement request?

  • Login to “RSA Link Community”:
  • Click on Submit an Idea
  • Provide a title for your enhancement idea.
  • Add as much content as necessary and make sure your enhancement includes:

    • User Persona (who will benefit from the request, e.g. compliance officer, systems administrator, etc.)
    • Detailed description of the enhancement request (include screenshots and anything else that will help illustrate the feature)
    • Briefly describe the issue and the expected benefit from this enhancement (in short, what problem is it solving?)
    • Impact - Describe the frequency or amount of effort and/or time savings this enhancement will provide

  • Add keywords (known as tags) in the Tag This Idea section that relate to your idea.

  • Select an Idea Category for the enhancement from the list provided at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you are satisfied with your post, click the Create Idea button.

  • Work with other community users from other organizations to Vote Up your idea.  (Each vote is worth 5 points)  Everyone can vote once on each idea submitted, including your own.  Remember, it's not only votes that matter, but also the number of unique organizations that the enhancement will benefit.
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