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Data Processors : Basics

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Data processors have always existed in G&L to allow manipulation of data during various phases of collections or SoD processing. In the past, it required sys access on the AVDB database and a tool like SQL developer to add custom logic to these extension points.

With G&L Cloud (or 7.5.2 on premise), SecurID has made available all these extension points from the UI, making it very simple to add and maintain these custom extensions.

The table below lists some of the common extension points

Pre_ID_Unification_Handler Any action needed post identity data collection but before unification. Mostly used to manipulate the T_DC_SOURCEDATA_USER table
Post_ID_Unification_Handler Any action that needs to be performed after the identities have been collected, unified and persisted in the system
Pre_Supervisor_Resolution Any action that needs to be performed after the identities have been collected, but before supervisor references are resolved
Pre_ADC_Handler Any action to be performed post account data collection but before processing.
Post_Account_Data_Load_Handler Action to be taken once account data has been collected and persisted in the system
Post_MAEDC_Load_Handler Any action needed post multi-app EDC run
Post_Process_SoD_Violations Actions to be taken post SoD rules have been evaluated and violations generated



💬 Comment below if you want any specific data processors to be covered with basic examples.