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SecurID Governance & Lifecycle recipes is a collection of items, to help you get the most out of your product deployment. For example, a useful report with the SQL to implement or a way to achieve some advanced rule processing.

RSA IGL Recipes - The 12 Dashboards of Christmas - Summary

2020 has been an interesting and challenging year for most of us, so we wanted to do something small, to spread some RSA IGL positivity and give something useful back to you, our customers and partners.


We have come up with the "12 Dashboards of Christmas" idea, where, over the month of December, we are going to be sharing various RSA IGL Dashboard packs, with details on how to easily implement these yourself. They are quick and easy to deploy, with everything you need to get started today. All the details have been provided, included steps and images, so you can start to get value from these within your organisation, in less than an hour! 


Thanks to Mostafa Helmy‌, Clive Morrish‌ and Russell Waliszewski‌ for all their help in making this happen.


 Make sure you "like" and "follow" this document, to get the updates as we publish the new dashboards!

We want these dashboards, reports and charts to be interactive, so please share images of your implementations along with your thoughts/ideas within each of the documents we are publishing! The more you can engage the better - even if just to let us know you have applied the dashboard and its providing value.



12 Dashboards of Christmas

New Dashboards

New Charts

New Reports


Part 137313
Part 21708
Part 316512
Part 41304
Part 51405
Part 61304
Part 71405
Part 81304
Part 91304
Part 101405
Part 11210012
Part 121203


The 12 Dashboards of Christmas - Summary of all Dashboards














Your comments and feedback are very welcome below.

The more you can help us with interaction and feedback, the better 

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