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SecurID Governance & Lifecycle recipes is a collection of items, to help you get the most out of your product deployment. For example, a useful report with the SQL to implement or a way to achieve some advanced rule processing.

RSA IGL Recommended Practices: Performance Checks

RSA cannot stress enough how vital it is, to size your production deployment correctly, following the guides found for your product version and deployment type.


The 4 key areas which we have seen incorrect values being set are:

  • CPU,
  • SGA,
  • PGA and
  • HEAP.


AS per the documentation, these values should at least be set to the following values:

  • CPU = 8 cores (2 Quad-Core processors),
  • Heap should at least be 8 GB (Wildfly equivalent to 16GB RAM w/ remote database or 48GB RAM w/ a local database),
  • SGA should at least be 18 GB and 
  • PGA should at least be 9 GB.


Note: these settings might need to be increased depending on your environment.


Your current values and settings, can easily be checked by running an ASR report or by sending an ASR to RSA to confirm and check for you.


Please see this quick video, which explains how to check these values yourself, in the product UI in less then a few minutes.



Thanks to Mostafa Helmy for his help and guidance on this.

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