SecurID® Governance & Lifecycle Recipes

SecurID Governance & Lifecycle recipes is a collection of items, to help you get the most out of your product deployment. For example, a useful report with the SQL to implement or a way to achieve some advanced rule processing.

RSA Partner Summary: Elementity

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Partner Summary:

Name: Elementity

Location: Frankfurt, Germany


About:  At elementity we recognise that IAM/IAG should be tackled with the focus on business needs and we designed our services to support this approach. Our comprehensive end-to-end offering covers all stages from assessing the state of identity and access management processes within the organisation, to defining the approach that fits business goals, to the actual implementation.


Areas of expertise:

  • IAM/IGA Process Assessment
  • SOD and Chinese Wall Policy Automation Process Definition
  • Access Recertification Automation Process Definition


Partner Contact Details:


Key contacts, found on RSA Link: Frank Schubert


Partner Solutions:

A list of the available solution provide by this partner, can be found below:


Elementity: Dashboards on Fire

Summary: Provide your users withdashboards that deliver true value. Have them presented the information in a way that is meaningful, intuitive and fit for the task. Enable users to gain insight and interact with the information.



As featured on the RSA IGL monthly webinar, found here: 


Elementity: Pandemic Response Dashboards Package

Summary:  This dashboard package offers the following features and benefits:

  • The promotion of facemasks as an effective counter-measurement
  • The controlled re-establishment of in-person health-sensitive contact of the workforce
  • Enabling the quick exchange of person-to-person help offers



As featured on the RSA IGL monthly webinar, found here: 

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