SecurID® Integrations

Cisco ISE 3.2 - Admin Access Configuration - RSA Ready Implementation Guide

Follow the instruction in this section to apply your RADIUS or Authentication Agent configuration to Cisco ISE Admin Access. To configure SAML, refer to the Admin Portal SAML Configuration.

Before you begin

Configure the integration type that your use case will employ. Refer to the Integration Configuration Summary section for more information.

To configure RADIUS with Authentication Manager, use this link, to configure RADIUS with RSA Cloud Authentication Service, use this link, and to configure the Authentication Agent, use this link.


  1. Sign to Cisco ISE Admin GUI, go to Administration > System > Admin Access, choose your RADIUS or UDP Agent Identity Source from the drop-down menu and click Save.
    Note:  Administrators logging into Cisco ISE with an external identity source must also have a local admin user account.
  2. Open the Administration > Admin Users tab and click to add or edit an admin user account.
  3. Enter Name, mark the External checkbox and click Save.

    Note: When you log in to the Admin Portal using SecurID or RADIUS Protocols, you have to re-enter your username and press Tab to access the password field every time you are prompted for authentication. The username field does not retain your input after the first attempt.


Configuration is complete.

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