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Cisco ISE 3.2 - Guest Access Portal Configuration - RSA Ready Implementation Guide

Follow the instruction in this section to apply your RADIUS or Authentication Agent configuration to Cisco ISE Guest Access Portal. To configure SAML, refer to the Guest Portal SAML Configuration.

Before you begin

Configure the integration type that your use case will employ. Refer to the Integration Configuration Summary section for more information. 

To configure RADIUS with Authentication Manager, use this link, to configure RADIUS with RSA Cloud Authentication Service, use this link, and to configure the Authentication Agent, use this link.


  1. Sign into Cisco ISE Admin GUI, go to Work Centers > Guest Access > Portals & Components and configure your Guest Portal (Self-Registered or Sponsored Guest Portal).
  2. Click to expand the Portal Settings menu.
  3. In the Authentication method choose your method (RADIUS or Authentication Agent), then click Save.

Configuration is complete.

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