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Available Now: My Page SSO Enhancements


The fully redesigned My Page experience is now available. Check out the exciting new features in My Page and what it means for your users. Explore the value that My Page offers to your organization as part of your cloud migration strategy.

Empowering Your IT Admin and Users

My Page empowers end users and IT admins to accomplish more. Combining Single Sign-On (SSO) and self-service credential management, My Page enables users to handle routine requests that previously bogged down IT staff. My Page can be conveniently accessed by your hybrid workforce from anywhere, anytime—whether on-site or off-site. This reliable and scalable cloud-hosted solution has a 99.95% monthly Service Level Availability (SLA).

A Better Identity Access and Management (IAM) Digital Experience


Fully empowering today’s hybrid workforce by reducing reliance on IT helpdesk admins, My Page offers a fully customizable look-and-feel. With everything from customization basics like branding, logo and color scheme to sophisticated login help instructions with custom domains, IT admins can easily create a unique My Page experience. They can preview all customization changes before going live.

What About the Identity Router (IDR)?


The IDR will continue to play an integral role as an on-premises network traffic proxy and RADIUS client to reach legacy resources with HTTP Federation (HFED), Trusted Headers and RADIUS support. The IDR and embedded IDR within Authentication Manager (AM) will continue functioning as the Enterprise Connector (EC) for your identity store, allowing you to keep your critical user database within your data center.

What If I Already Use the IDR for SAML SSO?

Your SAML and OIDC-based SSO applications supported by the IDR will continue to work as-is. We encourage you to evaluate My Page as part of your new SSO modernization strategy. See how My Page can empower your users and reduce IT workload as a cloud-hosted solution. Let us assist with your SSO migration strategy from the IDR to the redesigned My Page so you can immediately realize the value of it.

RSA will continue maintaining SAML SSO with the IDR for customers like you only. At a to-be-determined future date, RSA will announce the end-of-life (EOL) date for the SAML SSO support with the IDR.

Authentication Manager Customers: SecurID 2FA to RSA ID Plus MFA with My Page


Want the best 2FA to MFA upgrade experience? Look no further than the fully redesigned My Page. Securely sign on with your SecurID 2FA OTP credential on the mobile app. Then use that same app to register for RSA ID Plus MFA with a simple QR-Code. Immediately hop on over to the touch friendly My Applications tab to begin your My Page SSO experience.

It’s that easy!

Modern Cloud-hosted SSO with My Page

We cannot wait for you to try the latest My Page! Get ready to give it a spin. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your RSA representative.

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