RSA Call-Handling Processes

The call-handling flow goes through the following steps:


  • The Customer Relations Desk (CRD) answers your call, logs your case, and determines severity.

  • For issues requiring technical support, the CRD sends your case to the systems support team.

  • If systems support team members do not solve your case, they escalate it to Advanced Technical Support (ATS).

  • If ATS staff find a defect or determine that an engineering skill set is required to isolate or resolve your urgent issue, they escalate your case to Engineering.

Call Logging


The Customer Relations Desk (CRD) is your initial contact point when opening a new case. The CRD performs the following support tasks:

  • Verifies your contact information, RSA support contract status, and versions of operating systems and RSA products

  • Responds to your license inquiries

  • Verifies software shipments

  • Records a brief problem description that’s used to select the most appropriate technical support team



The severity of your case is determined once basic information is logged into the call-management system. Cases are handled on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. All cases are prioritized according to their impact on you—Severity 1 (S1) through Severity 4 (S4)—with S1 being the most urgent.

Definitions for each severity level and for response-time goals are aligned with the industry and documented in the RSA support contract and the Customer Guide to RSA Support. The severity of your case can change—being upgraded or downgraded—depending on developments during the call-handling flow.


Follow the Sun


RSA uses a "follow-the-sun" process to hand off cases among our technical support centers, ensuring that your case is worked on around the clock. For example, between Monday and Friday, a call from Europe will be routed to our Americas or Sydney technical support center when the Bracknell center is closed. If the case remains open, we pass it back to Bracknell at the beginning of their next business day.

In general, your case is closed when all parties agree that your reported issues have been resolved. If your issue is determined to be an enhancement, an enhancement request is entered.


Enhancement requests are processed by Product Management and Engineering. A letter explaining the disposition of your reported enhancement is then sent to you.

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