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Statement on Safe Use and Disposal of SecurID Tokens

SecurID hardware tokens impose no health or safety risk to people involved with installation, maintenance or use. They are as safe to use as any standard household electrical appliance (like an electronic watch). In particular:

  • The products contain no CFCs or ozone depleting materials, nor were such materials used in their manufacture.
  • SecurID tokens are lead-free, and use a low voltage 3.3 volt lithium battery. When new, a token has less than 0.5 grams of lithium. This amount decreases as the token is used. This amount is very small and does not pose any health risk.
  • SecurID tokens are also completely emission-free, and do not emit radiation or electromagnetic waves.

Token Disposal

SecurID believes strongly that manufacturers of electronic equipment must be responsible for the safe disposal of the products they produce. In the case of SecurID tokens, SecurID contracts with environmentally friendly waste management companies around the world to ensure that expired tokens are disposed of in such a way as to limit and minimize as much as possible their impact on the environment.

Customers who wish to return expired tokens to SecurID can rest assured that all expired tokens received back at any of SecurID's worldwide manufacturing facilities will be dismantled, and that all reusable and recyclable parts will be appropriately reclaimed. Parts that are no longer usable will be disposed of in such a way as to produce minimal impact on the environment.

SecurID encourages customers to make use of the safe token disposal process we have established at our manufacturing facility. To do so, send packages of expired tokens back to RSA marked "Attention: Expired Token Disposal" to the address below.


176 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730
T:  +1 (781) 515-5000
F:  +1 (781) 515-5170


Customers who wish to dispose of the tokens without returning them to SecurID should do so in accordance with all local codes and regulations for products containing lithium batteries and should contact their local environmental control or disposal agency for further details.

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