Twilio Verify - On Demand Token Code Delivery Configuration - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide

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This section describes how to integrate Twilio Verify with RSA Authentication Manager for On Demand Token code delivery.

Configure RSA Authentication Manager

To configure your RSA Authentication Manager for On Demand Authentication, you must configure On Demand Token Delivery in the Authentication Manager Security Console


  1. Logon to RSA SecurID Authentication Manager Security Console.
  2. Browse to Setup > System Settings > On-Demand Tokencode delivery.
  3. Add the following details in SMS Configuration tab.
    1. Check Delivery by SMS.
    2. SMS Plug-in - HTTP
    3. Copy the full path of Verify Twilio Function ( to the Base URL field
    4. In a seperate browser window, browse the Twilio Function without the path (
    5. Download the certificate from Twilio Function browser window
    6. Click Import Certificate and add the Twilio certificate.
    7. HTTP Method - Post
    8. Parameters - "To=$msg.address&Custommessage=$msg.message&Channel=sms&verify_sid=$cfg.user&api_secret=$cfg.password"(without quotes)
    9. Account User Name - Twilio Verify Service SID
    10. Account Password - Add value of Twilio function's environment variable API_SECRET
    11. Connection Timeout - 5000ms
    12. Status Response Code - "pending" (without quotes)
    13. Response Format - ".*status":\s?"([a-zA-Z]*)" (without quotes)
    14. Click Save

Configure Twilio Verify

Perform these steps to configure Twilio Verify as a RADIUS client to RSA Authentication Manager.


  1. Logon to Twilio and browse to Verify.
  2. Click on Create New Service

  3. Add a Friendly Name to the Service.

  4. Now browse to Twilio Functions and click Create a Function button. From the pop-up window, select Blank and click the Create button.

  5. Add details to Twilio Function.

    1. Function Name - Add a name to the function.
    2. Path - Add a PATH with a long random string so that it is not easily guessable.
    3. Check for valid Twilio signature - Unchecked
    4. Code - Add the code from this GitHub location
  6. Click Configure in the left navigation and add two environment variables.

    1. Add an environment variable as API_SECRET and add value.
    2. Add another environment variable as VERIFY_SID and update the value with the value of your Verify Service SID.
  7. Update the Twilio version under the Dependencies to 3.36.0 or higher.

  8. Click Save
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Twilio Verify - On Demand Token Code Delivery Configuration - RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation Guide